Cameron, Texas
Saturday, May 1, 2004

Sponsored by The Milam County Genealogical Society
Supervised by Milam County Clerk Laverne Soefje and Staff

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A-0100 A-0250 A-3508 A-3561 B-3511
B-3526 B-3529 B-3531 B-3533 B-3535
B-3540 B-3543 B-3545 B-3546 B-3548
B-3549 B-3550 B-3551 B-3552 B-3553
B-3568 B-3576 B-3579 B-3583 B-3587
B-3590 B-3592 B-3594 B-3595 B-3602
B-3604 B-3606 B-3607 B-3609 B-3610
B-3612 B-3613 B-3614 B-3633 B-3635
B-3636 B-3637 B-3643 B-3645 B-3653
B-3655 B-3656 B-3657 B-3658 B-3659
B-3660 B-3684 B-3702 C-3520 C-3524
C-3525 C-3530 C-3565 C-3616 C-3617
C-3618 C-3625 C-3647 C-3648 C-3675
C-3676 C-3677 C-3678 C-3698 C-3699
D-3505 D-3513 D-3516 D-3536 D-3537
D-3558 D-3563 D-3572 D-3628 D-3693
E-3510 E-3518 E-3519 E-3554 E-3555
E-3562 E-3573 E-3574 E-3593 E-3630
E-3668 E-3671 E-3672 E-3680 E-3683
E-3692 E-3707 E-3737 E-3738 E-3740

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